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Need to work but easily distracted?

Christmas is around the corner and there are lots of festive bitmojis to create but… homework and assignments need to be in and deadlines are looming fast ….argh!

Try tomato-ing (or The Pomodoro Technique to be precise) this is a time management tool that aims to manage distractions, eliminate burnout and improve your work-life balance.

So, how does it work? Choose a task that needs to be complete. Set a timer on your phone for 25 minutes and work on your task WITHOUT GETTING DISTRACTED! Then you have 5 minutes off to move about, check your insta if needed but limit this to 5 minutes only before you set your timer again for another 25 minutes. Once you have done 4 rounds of this (4 x 25 minutes) you can reward yourself with a longer break (20-30 minutes) before getting back to it.

We love it here at Chanua, it keeps us focused and we use this time to produce some fabulous videos and other resources for you for free! (www.neurochampions.com). For more info search Francesco Crillo who is the creator of this technique.

Happy tomato-ing!