Using Virtual Reality to improve mood at work : Research project

11th June 2019

We have now come to the end of our first phase of data collection for a research study looking to answer the explorative question ‘Will a 15-minute virtual reality (VR) experience positively effect mood of employees in the workplace?
Virtual reality is relatively new and novel intervention for workplace health. But imagine the opportunities if such an intervention has positive effects on employees… that they can undertake during their break time or lunch!
For this intervention we chose a relaxation experience; on a beach, under the Northern Lights
by a fire or on a hill top far away. We measured mood of the participants pre and post the intervention using a validated tool, took heart rate readings at regular points throughout and asked a few additional questions afterwards regarding their experience.
Next… to analyse the data! Anecdotal reports are positive, and we will report our full findings soon.