Child and Youth Wellbeing Officer Training

12 Lessons of 45min

Training for individuals to support schools and community placements as a Volunteer Wellbeing Officer.

Level - Intermediate

This course is for someone with an undergraduate level training in a health related subject including psychology, nursing, social sciences or medicine.

Next programme starts in September 2019

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Course Offerings

Self Learning Course

Online Self Paced

The programme is a mixture of online learning, webinar sessions, videos, quizzes and reading material. Your knowledge will be assessed in a variety of ways. We want you to feel confident to provide support while in Jamaica, but also want to ensure we protect the wellbeing of the children and young people you will be working with.

This training will improve your skills in providing support and advice around child and youth wellbeing, however the programme will not lead you to become a Psychologist, Clinician, Therapist or Counsellor, please do not refer to yourself in these terms unless you have had the appropriate accredited training and clinical experience.


Course Outline


Working with V2 Volunteers


Social Structures in Jamaica


Background to Mental Health and wellbeing in Jamaica


Working within schools and young organisations in Jamaica


Youth and Child Development


Dealing with challenging behaviours


Understanding Trauma and Managing Anger and Aggression


Safeguarding and Child Protection


Digital Tools for Mental Health and Wellbeing


Your role as volunteer school wellbeing officer : Boundaries and Expectations


Group facilitation skills and classroom management


Neuro Champions workshops and sessions


What Our Students Say

It was great to have experts and people who have real world expereince of providing sessions in schools. The course has an indepth view of mental health and wellbeing as well as tools to improve facilitation and presentation skills.
The training allowed me to support young people working within the community and the reflective practice allowed me the space to explore some of the questions I had and built on my learning.

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