Introducing NeuroLove

14th May 2020

Introducing, Chanuas response to Covid 19 for children and young peoples emotional and mental wellbeing

Over the past few months Covid 19 has shaken the world. The impact we have seen on a personal and global level is one that for this generation has not been seen.

Many of the longer impacts are yet to be seen, however we do know that the young generation will be impacted and we wanted to create a solution to support them in the new temporary world of social isolation and confusion and the transition into the new world in which they will live within.

Neurolove is a platform supporting young people between the ages to 8-25 to stay virtually social. We know loneliness and isolation plays a large role on our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing so we wanted to develop a solution to connect with young people. The power of human connection in these times is key and so we have a range of social therapists, psychological therapist, group facilitators and content creators available to support young people live and direct 7 days a week

It all started in march we approached one of our collaborated at Liverpool City Council – Carolyn Lawler who is the Virtual schools head to explore how we could support young people and specifically young people who are care experienced or currently living in care homes.

We rapidly grew our team and developed the Neurolove platform. You can see more about this below. We continue to work collaboratively with partners to explore how technology can be used for good to support improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Take a look at our website now –