My work at Chanua

21st December 2018

Hi I’m Glen and I’m a second year University of Liverpool studying Computer Science with Software Development. In my first year I joined the Computer Science Society, which is how I first came into contact with the Chanua team. The committee at the time were helping aid with the organisation of Hacking Health Liverpool for the second year running. That committee asked for any volunteers and myself and a few others from my year answered their call and from there we all helped out over the weekend at Hacking Health Liverpool whilst also joining teams and being a part of the event, which was my first Hackathon and I could speak a lot about that weekend, but to say it briefly: it was a very exciting weekend which has opened up a world of possibilities for me.

A few months later and I had a meeting with my team from Hacking Health to continue with our project, after which I met with Naomi who invited myself to another meeting; in which I was offered to work on the Chanua team. I went into this job with the role of Trainee Developer and my main work has been on the Chanua website and more recently the redesigned Neuro Champions website. Web design is an area I’m passionate about so to work on this website was the perfect learning experience for me to develop my skills.


As well as my work on the website I have also done some outreach work for the Neurochampions projects. This involves going to youth centres and showcasing some of the exciting activities that take place during the Neurochampions sessions. We normally go to these sessions with a 3D-printer, a VR headset, the battle of the brains challenge and a few other small trinkets. It has been great to see how the young people interact with these games that I would have loved to use when I was their age. Going to these youth centres has been an uplifting experience as well as it is great to see that these places exist for young people to go to. One in particular was “The Hive Youth Zone” based over on the Wirral, this youth centre had many areas in this place including a climbing wall, a gym, boxing room and a few other rooms. When I was at The Hive, I saw many different young people of varying ages partaking in different activities, this centre seems to be outstanding and to reiterate my point; knowing these places exist for young people is very hopeful and exciting for our current and future youth.