Online supporting staff and volunteers with mental health needs training  9 hours

Aims of the training

  • Develop  practical skills and top tips to support staff and volunteers with mental health problems
  •  Explore the term ‘Mental Health’ in a medical context and acommunity context
  •  Understand why people may become mentally unwell at work
  •  Recognise the sign and symptoms of mental illness in the workplace
  •  Understand the mental health services in the UK and locally and pathways into these services
  •  Develop skills in empathy and advice giving in mental health
  •  Develop leadership and group facilitation skills

£100+ VAT per person for facilitated online training programme over 3 sessions

Module 1 : Mental health awareness

  •  Introduction to Participants

  •  Introduction to the programme

  •  Mental Health Awareness

  •  Confidentiality

  •  Diagnosis and medical terms in Mental Health

  •  Identifying emotional needs within yourself and others

3 hours

Module 2 : Challenging stigma in mental health and giving advice

  •  Starting conversations with service users, friends and family members
  •  Understanding carers role
  •  What we mean by community engagement and community skills
  •  How to get and give advice around mental health
  •  Managing group dynamics
  •  Signposting and referring to other services
  •  Talking about mental health in languages other than English


Module 3 : Leadership skills in mental health

  • Leadership and facilitation skills in mental health

  •  Confidence building and creative feedback

  •  Using creativity and games as a channel for Mental Health

  •  Planning a session on mental health

  •  Review and Evaluation


Naomi Mwasambili


Psychology, Mental Health, Service Design, Innovation and Digital Technology.