Safeguarding Policy for Chanua Ltd 

Chanua Ltd is a social business whose focus is to support and develop initiatives that empower people to improve their health, mental health and wellbeing. We create services and products that foster healthy connections, we do this by creating solutions mixing using human centred approaches, technology, psychology and good design. We believe that good relationships form the basis of healthy people throughout their lives.   

Neuro Champions uses immersive training, 3D printing, games and technology to teach children, young people and adults about the brain, mental health and how their environment and emotions are linked. We believe that prevention is better than cure and in a digital age prevention needs to incorporate the power of technology to enhance human connections. Our programmes are informed by data and current evidence bases. 

All staff are responsible for safe guarding within Chanua Ltd’s work.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Regina Sanders

This policy covers all the programmes run by Chanua Ltd globally including and not exclusive of Neuro Champions and Hacking Health North West. 

This policy has been created and drawn up on the basis of UK law and guidance that seeks to protect children including: 

  • Children Act 1989 
  • United Conventions of the Rights of the Child 1991 
  • Data Protection Act 1998 
  • Human Rights Act 1998 
  • Sexual offences Act 2003 
  • Children Act 2004 
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 
  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 
  • Children and Families Act 2014 
  • Information sharing: Advice for Practitioners providing safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers: HM Government 2015 
  • Working Together to Safeguard children: a guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; HM Government 2015 

Chanua Ltd recognise that the welfare of the children is paramount as enshrined in the Children Act 1989 all children, regarding less of age, disability, gender determination, race, religion or belief or sex or sexual orientation. 

Chanua Ltd are aware that some young people/children/vulnerable adults are additionally vulnerable due to their previous/current experiences, difficulties/challenges in respect of their emotional/mental health, level of cognitive functioning/understanding, level of dependency, communications and/or any other issues. 

Working in partnership with children, young people, their carers and all/any relevant professional agency is pertinent to promoting positive wellbeing and prioritising the welfare of the child/young person/adult. 

Chanua Ltd will ensure that young people are kept safe by appointing a designated safeguarding officer (DSO) for children, young people, vulnerable adults and a named safeguarding officer (NSO) to provide informed and supportive cover should it be required. 

This policy applies to all partners and staff including senior management, facilitators, freelance contractors, volunteers, paid staff, agency staff, students and any individual/professional who represents Chanua Ltd and the work they undertake. 

The role of this policy is to:  

*Protect children/young people and those whom are considered vulnerable who participate in and deliver Chanua Ltd’s services 

*To provide staff (permanent/contract/freelance/volunteer/and all individuals to be considered as staff) with the appropriate training, advice and guidance to approach safeguarding and child protection and ensure that the paramountcy principle as underpinned in the Children Act 1989 and 2004 are adhered to in professional and personal practice to ensure that those considered children/vulnerable are safeguarded from the significant risk of harm. 

Chanua Ltd believes that children/young people should not be exposed to or experience abuse of any form.

Chanua Ltd have a professional and personal responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people to keep them safe from harm.  Chanua Ltd are committed to practicing in a way that supports safeguarding all children/young people/adults within and who are within contact with their organisation.  

This policy will provide assurance to partners, parents, carer and other parties that Chanua Ltd takes reasonable steps to manage risks and keep children and vulnerable adults safe. 

This policy ensures that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and is provided with the necessary information, training and support on safeguarding matters to inform and underpin their practice. 

Chanua Ltd have integrated the information in relation to their Safer Recruitment policy alongside their Safeguarding Policy which highlighted Chanua Ltd commitment to preventing the employment of individuals in roles with children/young people/vulnerable adults where they have been barred by the DBS or have been deemed by other bodies/professionals to pose an unacceptable risk to vulnerable groups.   

Chanua Ltd will ensure that appropriate action is taken in the event of any allegations or suspicions regarding harm to children/young people/vulnerable adults arising from contact with Chanua Ltd’s staff/volunteers. Chanua Ltd will endeavour to work in partnership with all relevant agencies including local authorities, the police and any other relevant statutory agency.  

In the event of Chanua Ltd be made aware of a safeguarding concern regarding harm to a child/young person/vulnerable adult that is not directly related to Chanua Ltd, the same procedures regarding reporting and recording will be followed and adhered to. 

The safeguarding policy also seeks to manage effectively the risks associated with activities and events involving children/young people throughout the direct work undertaken by Chanua Ltd. This will be operated and conducted in partnership with the children/young people and their carer/parents/guardians. 

Chanua Ltd will ensure that the appropriate DBS checks, background and reference checks will be undertaken on all prospective staff and Chanua Ltd will operate and follow a Safe Recruitment Policy which can be read in conjunction with this policy. 

All staff/volunteers will undertake and participate in a Safeguarding Training programme and be encouraged to familiarise themselves with all relevant safeguarding policies available to them by their employer.  This will be available to them at the Induction phase of their employment and regularly re visited on an annual basis.  All staff/volunteers will be provided with an electronic and hard copy of Chanua Ltd safeguarding policy and they will be supported to become familiar with the procedures and policies and will be encouraged as their professional responsibility to ensure that they independently refer to the policy throughout their practice. This will be supported in the supervision process. 


In the event of a young person/child/adult informing a member of staff/volunteer/professional that they are have been hurt, harmed or are in fear or are at risk of significant harm, the following steps must be followed with immediate effect. 

  • The young person must be informed that the information they share will be shared with other professionals including the Local Authority, the police, Chanua Ltd line management and that staff cannot and will not keep information regarding their safety, welfare and wellbeing being at risk a secret. 
  • All children/young people/staff/volunteers will be informed prior to their engagement/commencement of work with Chanua Ltd that should they share/disclose the following information, Chanua Ltd will follow all safeguarding children and adult procedures and inform the Local Authority and Police; 
  • They are being or at risk of being harmed physically/ emotionally/ neglected/ sexually/ criminally and/or religiously. 
  • They are or will harm another person physically/ emotionally/ neglected/ sexually/ criminally and/or religiously. 
  • They are planning to or will engage in an Act of Terrorism. 
  • All possible steps must be provided to ensure that the child/young person remains free from risk whilst making their disclosure, but staff/volunteers must remain aware that they do not have the ability or are encouraged to restrict the child/young person from leaving if they are of an age and competent to do so. 
  • All information gathered by staff/volunteer must be recorded and written down as ‘verbatim’.  
  • Staff/volunteer need to inform the designated safeguarding officer/named safeguarding officer immediately and continue to work in partnership with staff to ensure that all gathered and recorded information is received. 
  • Where staff/volunteers do not have clear or sufficient evidence that a child/young person is being harmed but they have a ‘gut feeling’/concerns, they must inform the designated safeguarding officer/named safeguarding officer/line manager with immediate effect of their feelings/concerns. 
  • Should any child/young person be considered a LAC (Looked after child) all concerns must be shared with their named social worker/team manager via EMAIL with immediate effect. 
  • Should staff be concerned that they do not have the knowledge/confidence to share their concerns through the appropriate channels, they must speak to their line manager for advice and guidance. 
  • In the event of the designated safeguarding officer/named safeguarding officer/line manager/member of the management/leadership team being unavailable, staff must share their concerns with their locality Children’s Services or the NSPCC Childline line via telephone and/or email.  
  • Staff will undertake mandatory safeguarding training accompanied by a training handbook that will provide them with a reference basis for any future incidents and this must be used to inform, advise and guide 
  • Chanua Ltd cites and refers to the term immediate effect as the same day and not in lieu of a 24-hour working day process. This includes weekends, bank holidays and all other times considered to be ‘out of’ office hours. 

Allegations against a professional/Safeguarding concerns in respect of a professional 

Should any member of Staff/volunteer of Chanua Ltd be in receipt of a safeguarding or misappropriation allegation in respect of safeguarding relating to children or adults the following procedure will be followed: 

Staff will be asked to temporarily adjourn their professional duties until an internal investigation by Chanua Ltd Management is undertaken and an outcome is clarified.  During this process and procedure, Chanua Ltd have a professional obligation to inform the operating Local Authority’s LADO Officer and the local operating police force who will determine their lead if a criminal and/or professional investigation is to be conducted.