Terms and Conditions

Data Protection Policy

Chanua Ltd. (“Chanua”, “we”, “us” or “our” is committed to protecting your information and acting in accordance with your rights under data protection laws. This Data Protection Policy sets out how we will use your information.

This Data Protection Policy shall apply to any individual, including employees, students, trustees, volunteers, independent contractors, who provide us with personal information for the purposes of registering for or attending courses, applying for grants, applying for employment, or supporting Chanua’s work as a funder, partner or volunteer. This Data Protection Policy is supplementary to other contracts that Chanua might have with any individual or organisation listed

Collection of your information
Chanua may collect the following information about you :
a) Personal details such as your name, date of birth, e – mail address, home address, country of residence, and other information provided by you in your pre-therapy assessment
form, employment application, contract or any other registration provided by us and completed by you;
b) Information you provide to help us monitor equal opportunities . This includes special categories of personal data (or “sensitive data”) such as information concerning your gender, nationality and racial or ethnic origin, disability information, sexual orientation, faith, educational attainment and carer responsibilities ;
c) Details of any organisations you work for or have interests in including information obtained through reference checks;
d) Your bank account details if you are paid a salary as an employee of Chanua, as a contractor, or incur expenses as a volunteer for Chanua.
f) Other information about you that is otherwise lawfully obtained including images from Chanua events, quotes, and social impact information.

How we will protect your personal and sensitive data
We take steps to store your data securely including to ensure that only certain personnel with password protected authentication can access personal data for the purposes set out below (please see the section on ‘How we will use your information’).

Sensitive data is captured to enable Chanua to monitor equal opportunities and to ensure our programmes are as accessible as possible to those with additional needs. You are not required to provide this information .

How we will use your information
When submitting an application or registration , entering into a contract with Chanua, or agreeing to support Chanua and our programmes, you may be asked to provide us with your personal information.

We will process that information:
i. for the purposes of administering your application or contract (including to contact you about your application or contract);
ii. for the purposes of the applicant selection process (either as an employee or a student); iii. for the performance of our contract with you;
iv. for your participation in, and our delivery of, your programme or course;
v. for making our services available to you;
vi. to carry out our other legitimate business interests and activities; and/or
vii. for any other purposes we may notify you of from time to time.

We may also use your information to communicate with you about programmes, courses and services we believe may be of interest to you in accordance with your communicated preferences. This might include sending you our newsletter on courses / programmes, wider sector news, funding opportunities, inviting you to speak on one of our programmes (paid or unpaid) or offer ing you other opportunities such as PR, business introductions, invitations to events or introductions to potential clients.

On occasion we may also use information you provide such as quotes, questionnaire and interview feedback, photographic images and video footage (where Chanua owns the copyright in such materials), case studies and social impact information for marketing or fundraising purposes. This includes social media, website and on printed material.

We will use employee information to maintain records about your employment and basic personnel files. We will use contractor and volunteer information to maintain records about your engagement with Chanua and to keep records accordingly. We may also use your information for the monitoring of equal opportunities. This includes making reasonable adjustments to your place of work or, if you are a student of ours, your place of education, in line with the Equalities Act 2010, and providing other additional support that maybe required by staff, students, volunteers or any other individual supporting Chanua’s work.

If you wish to update the purposes for which we process your data you can do so by contacting us at hello@chanuahealth.com