Our Online Healthcare Courses

Neuro Champions Train the Trainer

This course will support you to facilitate the Neuro Champions programme within your school, youth group or as a freelance consultant.

9 Modules

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Understanding the teenage brain

Explore the teenage brain in this online module and have a deeper understanding of the neurological changes that are occurring during the ages of 13-19 and how these impact on teenagers’ thoughts and behaviours.

1 Module

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Building trusting relationships

Develop the skills to build trusting relationships and manage difficult situations.

1 Module

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DevelopingMe : Self Confidence group for African and Caribbean women

This online 8 week course will support women from African and Caribbean background develop confidence in their work and home lives.

8 Modules

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Child and Young Wellbeing Officer Training - Jamaica

The course will support you with international volunteering placements in areas of wellbeing and mental health.

4 Modules

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Introduction to Trauma

This course will support you to explore the neuroscience of psychological trauma and its potential impact on all areas of an individuals’ life.

1 Module

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Supporting staff and volunteers with mental health needs

Supporting your Staff and Volunteers with Mental Health need training programme is designed for participants to build upon basic learning in mental health within a work context.

The course supports you to develop processes and procedures to support staff and volunteers with mental health needs.

Our training is interactive using real case studies and providing the space for attendees to develop an organisational toolkit for mental health.
3 Modules

laughing Starting in October 2019