Understanding the teenage brain  2 hrs. 45min.

These sessions give an overview of the developing, adolescent brain, exploring how changes in the teenage brain can affect young people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The sessions also cover the impact the environment can have on developing brains.

This course is suitable for parents, carers, guardians, anyone working with children and young people, or anyone who would like a better understanding of the teenage brain.

Session 1 : Areas of the Brain

The session provides a breakdown of the gross structures of the brain (including the Limbic system) and looks at the related functions of these areas.

Session 2 : Brain Development

This session provides an overview of the changes that occur in our brains from conception and birth to adulthood.

Session 3 : Teenage Brain Development

This session focuses on how the changes in our brain during the teenage years, can impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and how this affects our relationships with others.

Megan Charles

Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Clinical Therapy and Supervision.