Volunteer Child and Youth Wellbeing Officer Training 15 hours

This training provides V2 Volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver wellbeing interventions with children and young people across schools and youth organisations across Jamaica.

Module 1 : Background to working in Jamaica

This module will give you a background to living and working in Jamaica and some of the common issues facing young people within school and home contexts.

Module 2 : Working with Children and Young People

This module will give an overview of working with children and young people. It will cover child development, supporting the emotional wellbeing of children and understanding the caused of trauma leading to anger and aggression.

Module 3 : Your role as a volunteer wellbeing officer

This module will give you an overview of the role of volunteer wellbeing officer, skills around facilitating groups and classrooms and developing your one to one advice giving skills.

Module 4 : Monitoring and Reporting

This module will cover the importance of record keeping and impact measurements in addition to uses of the digital recording system and functions of our web app.

Naomi Mwasambili

Psychology, Mental Health, Service Design, Innovation and Digital Technology.

Megan Charles

Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Clinical Therapy and Supervision.

Nicola Teynue

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Children’s ¬†Author, Youth Mental Health Trainer.

Chukumeka Maxwell

Suicide Awareness Trainer, Qualified Social Worker, Mental Health Advisor