Chanua Data Intelligence

6th September 2018

Chanua develops projects and products to improve outcomes for people across the world. Over the past two months we have been working on a series of project to ensure that data and insights drive the work that Chanua do into the future and also support to create the evidence base of preventative interventions in healthcare.


Our Journey

Over the past couple of months we have been bringing all the information from the projects we have worked on for the past two years together to build our new Data Intelligence system. We brought on the wonderful Bambordé Balde as our CTO who has lead and guided the project across a range of internal sprints and mini design sessions. We are currently testing our system across all the programmes we run and will be producing results.


Who has been involved

It has been a whole team effort, bringing together skills from infrastructure, security, education, social care, research and health to ensure the measurement tools are accurate and in addition we are collecting information that is relevant.


Future of the system

We will not only be able to monitor our programmes and metrics but that of our partners and ensure they can have full reporting as a result.